Apart from the initial bequest of the founder Nikolaos Trifyllis, the property of the Foundation is made up of real estate in Athens-Piraeus and Australia, inherited from Kytherians living in Greece and abroad. The revenue from this property, after deducting the operational cost of the Foundation and the tax obligations, is allocated to charitable goals in Kythera, with first priority the support of the Nursing Home for the Aged.
The Trifylleion Office Building

Predominant among the pieces of the Foundation property stands the Trifylleion Office Building erected in 1977 at the 5 Themistocleous Street in Athens on the site of the restaurant “Sintrivani” that was the original Trifyllis’ donation. The building is made up of 8 floors comprising a 2,000 square meters area, carrying the name “TRIFYLLEION BUILDING OF KYTHERIANS”. This building was constructed with a plan designed gratis by our fellow Kytherian civil engineer Spyros Kassimatis. The 8th floor is occupied by the offices of the Foundation, as well as the significant library containing hundreds of books of Kytherian and non-Kytherian authors. It also houses the volumes of all Kytherian newspapers and magazines that they have ever circulated (very recently all these newspaper volumes have been digitized and are available at the site: www.kithiraikossindesmos.gr). The largest part of the books belongs to the Kytherian Association of Athens, while some others are property of the Society of Kytherian Studies.  The whole 7th floor houses the 160 square meters “Cultural Centre of Kytherians” , a place of everyday contact of Kytherians and Philo-Kytherians, a hug open for all, promoting the island by hosting various events (lectures, paint exhibitions, videos, etc). The rest of the building floors are leased giving a significant income.

Other Property

Apart from the 5 Themistocleous main building in Athens, the rest of the Foundation’s property (including the property of the Nursing Home) is made up of   business spaces, office spaces and residence apartments, building plots, agricultural land and old houses. Most of the property is located in the region of Attica (Athens, Piraeus and suburbs). However, two important pieces of real estate, namely the Nursing Home building and the now vacant premises of the old hospital are both situated in Potamos Kythera. In addition, the Foundation has in Kythera a few building plots, several pieces of agricultural land and a few old houses. One of the most important and most profitable real estate of the Foundation is the business building in Brisbane Australia, bequest of the late George Sklavos.
It should be noted that several pieces of the property owned by the Foundation, particularly small apartments in the Attica region, are old and in bad shape, therefore they bring very little or no income at all. On the contrary they incur high costs and heavy taxation.