The Board of Directors of the Trifylleion Foundation in its meeting of 10 August 2012 decided unanimously to classify the donors of real estate, the testators and the donors of cash and securities to the Trifylleion Foundation and the Nursing Home into four categories depending on the size of the donation. The grouping, which for the time being concerns the Nursing Home for the period after 1996 (year of the last review and registration of donors), is as follows:

CATEGORY                                    VALUE OF DONATION (CUMULATIVE)
                                                             (IN EURO )
MAJOR BENEFACTORS                            300.000 and over
BENEFACTORS                                      100.000-300.000
MAJOR DONORS                                    50.000-100.000
DONORS                                              10.000-50.000

The Board of Directors may also occasionally nominate Major Benefactors or Benefactors persons who with their actions and energies offer invaluable services that benefit the development and the operation of the Foundation and the Nursing Home.

Any donation of any size in cash or kind below the 10,000 Euro threshold is always welcomed and equally important as it contributes in the resources for running and maintaining the Foundation and the Nursing home. These donations will be duly acknowledged with periodic publication at the Kytherian press and/or the electronic means that the Foundation has at its disposal. Note that successive donations over time will be added and may upgrade the status of the donor.

In recognition of the invaluable contributions of benefactors and donors to the Foundation and the Nursing Home, the Board of Directors unanimously decided:

1. To place an additional list on the Nursing Home’s wall with the names of Major Benefactors and Benefactors and a similar list in the Foundation with the corresponding names of its own benefactors.
2. To award an Honorary Plaque to the Benefactors and an Honorary Diploma to the Donors
3. To open a BOOK OF BENEFACTORS & DONORS for the Foundation and the Nursing Home in which will be recorded retrospectively all Benefactors and Donors.