Dear Mr. Kallinicos,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Trifylleion Foundation, we thank you very much for your care of our Nursing Home and are grateful for the generous donation that will be used, as you already agreed, for the entire building external insulation, saving considerable amounts of energy and thus improving the leaving conditions of the inmates and permanently taking a significant burden off the Home’s budget.

At these difficult times for Greece and the Foundation, your donation comes as a relief, and it will hopefully set an example for others to follow, especially after they see the wonderful outcome of your financial assistance. This is also a timely contribution, considering that in recent years any financial support of substance has stopped coming. We believe that all Kytherians will appreciate your generosity.     

To express its gratitude for your generous contribution, the Trifylleion Foundation Board of Directors has named you as “benefactor of the Nursing Home” and will properly honor you on the occasion of some ceremonial gathering during the summer in Kythera.

Furthermore, we hope - and we are working towards that end - that we will be able to show to you the completed project by the end of the summer.

Convey please our warm thanks to your Board members and to all those who have contributed to this fund.

Our best wishes for Easter Holidays.

The Chairman                                                       The Secretary General


Dr Emmanuel G. Kalokairinos                             Dr Nicholas P. Glytsos