Athens, 5 June 2013

Dear Mr Kypriotis,

The Board of Directors of the Trifylleio Foundation acknowledges the receipt of your generous donation of 18,000 Australian dollars (deposited in the Girokomeio’s bank account in Potamos as 12,780 Euros) for the support of the Kythera Nursing Home Kassimateion. We are very grateful to you, the Kytherian Association of Australia and all the contributors for your help at a very difficult time for the Nursing Home. The Australian Kytherians showed once again their care and their love for our Tsirigo and the needy fellow Kytherians. This money will be used for the relief of the bedridden elderly (about half of all the residents), replacing part of the old timeworn common beds and mattresses with flexible and adjustable ones, suitable for the condition of these patients.

With this donated amount, the Kytherian Association of Australia is now placed on the Girokomeio’s official register of Benefactors and Donors with the status of “Donors”.

Thank you very much.

For the Board of Directors

The President                       The Secretary General

Dr Emmanuel G. Kalokairinos         Dr Nicholas P. Glytsos